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Swim home,
Beautiful Spirit of the Turtle.

After nine years, the Turtle Spirit Jam Circle has come to an end. On May 7th, we bid well to the Turtle and released the circle back to the Circle of Circles, to never return in its current form again.

Please feel free to use our templates, saved in the links to the right, working with your own personal spirits to begin your own sacred music circle. Blessings on your work.


Please enjoy our memories in our photo gallery orFacebook archive.



....where we take a journey using our drums, flute, didj, chimes, rattles and dance to explore the otherworlds for insight and healing, for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

As the spirit comes, we ride each wave,
soaring our way through, keeping our eyes open to insight,
our ears honed to each other.
It is place to practice co-creation in Spirit
and the divine spirits our instruments evoke.

**People of all spiritual paths are welcome

Hope to see you there!

In the rainy months, we try to keep a pretty regular schedule of:
The 1st Saturday of the month in Ballard: 7-9pm
Embrace the Moon, 1716 NW Market St's always good to get on the email list, as sometimes things come up..
In the dry months, we are out in the parks.

You are always welcome to assist in putting on these wonderful ceremonies.

Please do not mix ceremony with altering substances in our space.

Spirit Jam hosts are Tasara, Rilla, Kevin, Stefanie and Jacquie.
For even more details (like to see how the thing is run),
check out the links on the right.


Hope to see you there!



How to Play with Turtles