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People come from many paths to share in this experience: African drummers, Shamanic practitioners, Pagan, Buddhist, earth people, sky people, artists, musicians, off the street folk…you name it. Because of this, people are coming to do different things:
  • To open themselves to spirit through song, dance or drum
  • To do shamanic journey or meditation through song, drum or dance
  • To merge with Spirit through creating music.

For tonight WE are the instruments of Great Spirit.

Hints on spirit-driven jamming: Everyone is hereby released from any obligation to trying to be a better musician!

  • If you know you are a strong drummer, use your talents to help us keep the circle solid.
    • It's easier for you to listen, so listen for gems in the soup. Play your best and create safe pockets for others to expirement.
  • Don't hide your talents! We appreciate your gifts. You can't go wrong if you are playing in sync with everyone else.
  • If you tend to get nervous in jam circles or are new to drumming, keep your rhythm as simple as it has to be to still feel joy. Love your drum.
  • There are no musical rules here but to LISTEN and try to keep the beat.
  • This is not a place to practice technique. We are exercising a different part of the brain, the intuitive part, in order to bring on the most spirited drumming.
  • Act like your mistake notes were the perfect notes Spirit was trying to drum through you.

How Our Type of Turtle Play Works:

  • Start from silence: Don't play 'til you feel spirit go thru you. Don't dance 'til the music touches your body.
  • Keep the center of attention in the middle of the circle. We are holding group prayer, group journey. If you can listen across the circle then our journey will be strong.
  • Heartbeat drummers. You are our backbone! Drum louder if the room is losing the beat, softer if they are holding it.
  • No words. But noises and wordless chanting are very welcome!
  • It's okay to stop playing one instrument or dancing and switch to doing something else. Please respect each other's space and take care of your bodies.
  • When the wave goes down, if the song just ends, let it end in silence. We love our silences! If the song wants to do a crazy drum hoot roll, do that, but keep the thread potent. The entire evening is our song.
  • Sometimes people are Taken With Spirit. This is what creates terrific solos and dances. They are gifts to the us and sacred prayers to/from spirit.
    • If a dancer is taken with spirit, drum to support them!
    • If a drummer is taken with spirit, give them room to go crazy!
    • If you are taken with spirit, know that we love and support you. Ride the wave and then come back and fold into the blend of the tribe because we need all of us to be as potent as we can be.

Please do bring something to place something on the altar. It is a gift to the community to empower the altar with your intentions and a gift to you to place something to be empowered.

Turtles look really great on the Turtle Spirit Jam altar.

Gratitude + Love = Cycle of Life

Prayer = Intent + Being.







How to Play with Turtles