Littlelight Ceremonies Turtle Spirit Jam

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Local Resources

Turtle Dream

  • Intro and explanation to remind/introduce people to what we are doing. 
  • Opening grounding meditation to get into our bodies.
  • Calling the directions together to open a bowl of goodness, a glade, a sweat lodge, an open sky, a cascading river from which to play. (whichever you see and feel)
  • Ring the singing bowl to help us set intention. First intention might be offered or it might be personal.
    • Drum and dance.  When the song or wave comes to an end, someone goes to the center to:
    • Ring the singing bowl. You can find or shift to a personal intention or prayer.
    • Drum and dance.  
    • Ring the singing bowl.   (REPEAT)
  • ***At the end of the last song we will send all the energy out with our prayers. ****
  • Goodbye and thanks to the spirits. Though they are always with us.
  • Grounding to bring ourselves back into our bodies so that we can fully integrate the energies we have encountered.
  • Community Announcements 

Sometimes afterwards, we hang out over a late snack!






How to Play with Turtles