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In the late 80's, I was taken with African drumming in Northampton, MA and then later in Seattle, WA. 'Taken' as in taken with spirit. I was touched by the deep meditative states and visions I received in the drum classes and deeply yearned to be able to share this with others. I wanted to be part of a drum circle that was specifically about dipping into the spirit world together and it kind of drove me mad. I didn't find this circle so, sadly, my life moved on to other things.

Surprisingly, I did find this magic and medicine with drumming. I trained in Shamanism! This beautiful practice using the drum to communicate with the compassionate spirits in order to finding healing became the core of my life... and my life was never to be the same. I received many healings and eventually became a full shamanic practitioner and teacher. You can read more about it by clicking on "About Tasara" on the left.

But my yearning for musical drumming in community to reach the spirits together still gnawed at me. So, I returned to the drumming community with new skills and offered my dream. Such began this tapestry of goodness called the Turtle Spirit Jam, with all it's connections to other circles and events in our colorful city.

We have grown from being a spiritually-focused drum jam to being a musically-fueled ceremony. In the rainy months we are inside the sacred dojo, Embrace the Moon. In the dry months we meet in a variety of Seattle's public parks. The music is tight, the regulars are sweet and welcoming, and the container is powerful and strong. I am proud of the people who have come to make Spirit Jam their home, for they are the true creators, brave, playful, thoughtful, warm. And sometimes even feisty. Welcome.

- Tasara



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