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Turtle Spirit Jam Tue, Apr 19, 2016 01:53:05 pm
SUPER CHEAP DRUMS FOR SALE: FORWARDED from the Seattle Drum Jam Yahoo List.

Drums for Drum Circle Facilitators and Drum Teachers
Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:55 pm (PDT) . Posted by: edubious4

For the past 3 years the Seattle Drum Cache has been a community resource for affordable, short-term hand drum and percussion rentals in the central Puget Sound area. My work has taken me in exciting new directions and I since I will no longer be facilitating interactive drumming experiences I am looking to sell this amazing cache of drums and the Seattle Drum Cache website.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing 1 or 100 drums to add to your personal cache. Visit the Specs http://www.seattledrumcache.com/page2/specs.html page on the Seattle Drum Cache website to get the details on the three styles of drums that I am offering. These drums are in 'good' to 'like new' condition and are selling for more then 70% BELOW RETAIL.


The Seattle drum cache consists of nearly 200, small to medium sized, high quality djembe drums.

Durable Synthetic Drums

We have a large collection of durable, PVC djembe's with synthetic heads. These are excellent drums that offer a solid bass note and crisp, sharp tones and slaps.

http://www.seattledrumcache.com/index.html# http://www.seattledrumcache.com/index.html#

Authentic African Drums

Our cache has 45, West African Ghanaian djembe's. These are authentic hand carved, rope tuned instruments.

Seattle Drum Cache http://www.seattledrumcache.com/page2/specs.html


Seattle Drum Cache http://www.seattledrumcache.com/page2/specs.html Call or email today to find out about the drums available FOR SALE and rental. 206-409-3363 or drums@seattledrumcache.com
Seattle Drum Cache