Turtle Spirit Jam

June was an amazing month for ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Tue, Jun 29, 2010 04:42:55 pm
June was an amazing month for Turtle Drum with two Ocean Drum Healing Ceremonies at Golden Gardens. Thanks to everyone who took part in these wonderful events!

The next Turtle Drum is on the 4th of July weekend. No hot dogs, no beer kegs, no fireworks... But plenty of healing rhythms!

Saturday, July 3rd
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Embrace the Moon
1716 NW Market Street in Ballard

Turtle Drum Circle is a community ceremony where we take a deep journeyusing our drums, voices and bodies to explore the otherworldsfor insight and healing, for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. Some participants also come to journey or to meditate.

Turtle Drum is a bridge between the drumming, dance and shamanic communities in the Seattle area.It is a place to practice listening to the spirit of the drum and the spirits the drums evoke.

"As the jam comes in waves, we ride each wave, feeling our way through it, keeping our eyes open to insight, keeping our ears open to each other."

Turtle Drum is hosted rather than facilitated and drummers at all levels of experience are welcome. The host this month is Bill Barton.
You are invited to dance, rattle, drum, hum, drone, chant and/or vocalize your intention and your joy in our safe & open circle. Drums, didjeridus, flutes, etc. are all encouraged...

If you arrive late, please be mindful of the spirit-focused nature of the circle and exercise subtlety when you enter. And please be aware that Embrace the Moon is a "no shoes" space.

The suggested donation is $10-15 to cover the cost of the space. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

**People of all religions and spiritual paths are welcome.
**Well-behaved children are welcome!