Turtle Spirit Jam

It is with great sadness that ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Sat, Aug 17, 2013 11:39:45 pm
It is with great sadness that I make the announcement that Tiffany Ann and Cary are moving to Spokane next month. Cary needs to be close to his sons (yay for the sons!) and has been granted the ability to telecommute, so they will be both be back a lot. Tiffany Ann will still host Turtle Spirit Jam when she can. Both of them, separately and as a couple, have been dear friends to me and my world will not be the same, not being able to see them as much as I had the honor of lately.

Great, great gratitude to Tiffany Ann for her endless service to us, her magnificent altars, her sweet flutes and her spirited invocations. What a talented lady. And it is time that we all APPLAUD CARY for his tireless assistance in getting said altars in and out of the house/trailer to car to ceremony and back again. Cary has been a quieter presence with us but steadfast and… I don't know how Tiffany Ann could have done those big ones without him. THANK YOU CARY. WE LOVE YOU. You are seen and you are greatly appreciated - for your wonderful presence and support. We hope to see you both around as much as you will be able to make it back.

I am always looking for someone that feels the Turtle Spirit Jam fever, who can be a reliable and willing student and take on some of the larger responsibilities that make our events happen. This is a magnificent, adventurous labor of love where you are rewarded in an endless, rich, rewarding and multi-faceted way that has nothing to do with money. If you feel this, please contact me. If you feel this and are not a regular, become a regular and then contact me.

much love,

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