Turtle Spirit Jam

okay.. had to share.. "The heart ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Wed, Dec 18, 2013 09:47:12 pm
okay.. had to share..

"The heart of the Keha, the turtle, is about the strongest thing there is. It keeps beating and beating for two days after you kill the turtle. There is so much strength and endurance in it. To eat such a heart makes you tough. It imparts its power to whoever has eaten of it.

My sister ate that turtle heart. They had to cut it in half for her to make it possible to swallow it. This made her into a strong woman, stouthearted like a warrior. She had a growth on her breast. The doctors said it was cancer. She lit five cigarettes. She told the children to puff on them, to keep those cigarettes glowing. Then she took the lighted cigarettes, one after the other, and burned this evil thing out of her. On and on she went, deep into her breast, and her face remained calm all the while; not one muscle twitched.

She is cured now. A turtle heart will do this for you."

- Lame Deer - Seeker of Visions