Turtle Spirit Jam

Turtle Spirit Jam Feb 1, 7pm ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Wed, Jan 22, 2014 11:31:52 pm
Turtle Spirit Jam
Feb 1, 7pm
Embrace The Moon in Ballard

"Awaken the Light"

Intention: to kindle the spark of light within us.

After a long slumber, the Sun is beginning to awaken again! As the days grow longer and warmer, the whole of life looks longingly towards the rebirth of Spring! Let us bring together the candlelight of our souls to celebrate the strengthening of the Sun by creating sacred music and dance with our community! Please bring candles for the altar (in safe holders) . Let's kindle the flame we have held close to us through this dark winter, and we will sparkle together in the night as a community constellation of shining stars! This is also the time to sow the first seeds of the season, so bring seeds from your garden to bless and share! Light and Love!
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