Turtle Spirit Jam

Hey Turtles! We will be having ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Mon, Apr 07, 2014 12:54:35 am
Hey Turtles! We will be having one more Spirit Jam at the dojo before we are outside for the rest of the season! I will post the schedule when I have it together but here is what makes sense now...

- June: Fingers still crossed for Tiffany Ann to come out from Spokane and lead our Spirit of the Forest aka Green Man Ceremony.
- July is OPEN!! This is where high inspiration may find it's home!!
- Ocean Healing Ceremony will be in August.
- Gathering of Receiving was so nice I think we'll do it again in Sept.
-Rain Love is always October

Spirit of the Land... maybe at Rilla's up in Goldbar? huh? huh? Rilla Foxdancer?
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