Turtle Spirit Jam

I want to let everyone know ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Tue, Apr 08, 2014 06:49:24 pm
I want to let everyone know that in order to keep Turtle Spirit Jam going at the level that we have in the last year I am going to need your awesome, continued support.

My personal life has, well, ..I guess I should say that outside of my day job and my shamanic teaching and practice, and community organizing, I now have a personal life!! YAY!! This is very healthy for me and important to me to maintain, so I really need your help to keep our love clan going. Having Tiffany Ann move away and having Rilla be pretty busy makes a big impact, so I am calling out to you to be even more lovingly attentive than you have been.

I have been so, so pleased to see so many people step in and host in the past few months! It has been so beautiful to watch each person's vision manifest.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

We will need more of this as the big summer ceremonies get going. This kind of collaboration only makes our impact deeper, more sound, more profound and healing for Mother Earth, ourselves and our blessed community connections.

If you are called to this Turtle mission and not on the private Turtle Clan on Facebook, let me know and I will add you immediately.

Ultimately, we need at least one, possibly two more permanent TSJ organizers. This requires time management skills, complete reliability and a call to offer your time to the community. These are people that I do not have to remind to meet deadlines or do very much coaching for. It is not rewarded with money except once in a blue moon but the other rewards are downright priceless. If you are one of those people, please contact me.

Much, much, much, much love and Blessed Be. - Tasara