Turtle Spirit Jam

I would like to announce that ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Wed, May 21, 2014 11:52:17 pm
I would like to announce that several amazing people have stepped forward to help Rilla, Tiffany Ann and myself host the Turtle Spirit Jams. We are the Turtle Feet! Much better than a ‘committee’ right?

They are Kevin Haggerty, Stefanie Warren and Jacquie Hansen. Thank you SOOO MUCH!! All of these people have made many love/sweat offerings to the Turtle community and have been organized and reliable as well, important features for being an official Turtle Spirit Jam host.

This is an open community, where anyone can pitch in and take part in our ceremonies. The longer you stay, the more passion you show and the more reliable you are, the more responsibility you are given. Even if you can only come once in a while, don’t hold back from volunteering to help build and altar or something really fun like that. It is SUCH a great way to get to know people and be rewarded in magical ways!

If you aspire to being a Turtle Spirit Jam host, let me know! I won’t know if you don’t tell me. ;)

We also love, love, love good food! Outdoors season brings FOOD into the picture. Many of our tribe are veggie, vegan and/or gluten free. Just so ya know.

Much love,

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