Turtle Spirit Jam

Special treat from Jared! ------------------------------ Hello Tasara, ...

Turtle Spirit Jam Thu, Aug 07, 2014 08:09:22 pm
Special treat from Jared!
Hello Tasara,

Here's some bonus material from last Saturday, 2 small videos. Let me know if the video links don't work. The files were too large for the meetup website so here ya go for Facebook.

You're welcome to remind folks that I'm "an unborn cell phone/facebook being", feel free to use my comments below if you desire.

The 1st video features dancers in the middle of the sacred space and Kevin getting tangled and saving himself from falling in someone's lap. Now that's a one-of-a-kind dance move!

The 2nd video captures our group spirit, notice the sun's ray reach out and join our voices as we return the healing water to the ocean. The young girl seeks out Maya, right after the video was shot the young sea nymphs* joined each other for a dip in the sea.

That's this moment...

*...are known for their healing powers. The waters they guard are often used in potions or used to wash away the disease with...

Unvirally Yours,